Saving window configuration (toolbar, sidebar, inspector)

Here’s my number one requested feature: something akin to Perspectives for saving a window configuration.

I generally review and set up my day with OF2 in a big window with the toolbar, sidebar, and inspector open. But as I run through my day with a lightweight checklist at the side of my screen, to get there I have to not only choose my Perspective, but also hide the sidebar, toolbar, and inspector. And then I have to put them all back again when I want to open a “large” window.

One possibility would be for the Perspectives to save this information, even though it would only be useful on the Mac platform. But that’s not really out of line. Another idea would be a separate feature of the Mac app that just saves the window configuration as well as a default Perspective. Then “New Window” could be joined by “New WIndow from Template” in the menu and would open both a Perspective and a window configuration.

I’m happy to script these things in AppleScript or (better) JXA, but I don’t see a way to hide and reveal all three features from within a script.

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With OF1, you could do exactly this. The promise from OmniGroup is that someday, OF2 will again have this “missing feature” back.

I don’t know whether the OF dictionary includes the necessary options. You could however trigger to open/close side panels and toolbars through keystroke macros (i.e. AppleEvents) coded within the script.


Ah, right, that’s brilliant. I forgot about that (mostly because I find the idea of scripting keystrokes cringeworthy), but at least that’s a solution for the moment.


Do you have Keyboard Maestro? You can open a Perspective via a URL and also hide the sidebar, toolbar, and inspector.
You can make a script to open/close side panels and toolbars, like @DrJJWMac said. In this case, you must use GUI Scripting since the dictionary doesn’t include the necessary options.

This is an obvious missing feature.

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