Scale box missing in Print dialog

I just updated to the newest version of OO, and when I print there is no longer a way to scale the document for printout. There is only a checkbox for “Scale to fit page width.” If this is a new feature it is less than satisfactory, because it chooses to scale to an arbitrary size, which the user has no control over. I refer to my outline while speaking, and the ability to scale using a percentage was very helpful for maximizing the size of the print on the page.

Does anyone understand WHY this was implemented, or know of a workaround?

Page scale is still available in Page Setup. It was removed from the Print panel because changing options in both places had unpredictable results as far as what was saved. Using Page Setup should give you consistent results.

Thanks, that’s helpful, but with the old way there was an instant preview of the scaled page. The new way is now jumping back and forth between 2 dialog boxes, guessing the correct amount without a preview and even then, if the checkmark is chosen in the Print dialog, it overrides your manual setting. I notice that Apple isn’t even using the Page Setup dialog anymore in some of its apps.