Scale is too small on Gantt Chart

In the newest version of OmniPlan, there appears to be a bug where the Gantt chart window is mis-specified. I first encountered this when I tried to load the report and see the following:

This persists regardless of the timeframe that I have set my window to in the project viewer (annual / monthly / whatever). I first thought this was a report issue, but if I tell OmniPlan to “Scale to fit Project”, I get the same issue.

Seems like it’s not getting the size of the window calculated correctly somewhere along the way.

View > Zoom > Zoom To Fit Project ?

Same issue! Zooming fit to project makes it super small.

There isn’t a tiny unnoticed project component that stretches out to somewhere near the end of time ?

Not that I can tell… Latest item appears to have an end date in October 2023.

Probably worth sending a copy of the file to support through Help > Contact Omni... in OP, if you haven’t done that already.