Schedule the next vs Repeat from this item's

Hello, can’t grasp why sometimes, during creation of a repeating task, two contextual info fields appear, that is:

Why don’t they appear at the same time in the pane? How do I know how to access one or the other?

Thank you very much

By design, the options that are available under Repeat will vary depending on whether the Defer Until and Due fields are populated.

For example, if both fields are blank, OmniFocus will ask you if you want the Defer Until or Due Date to be scheduled automatically. If you select the Defer Until Date option, then OmniFocus will automatically add a Defer Until Date when this item is marked completely. Similarly, if you choose the Due Date option, the Due Date field will be filled in automatically after completion.

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If you have not already done so, the loop will be created again within the next limited time

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