Screen size and print size

I’m having trouble with printing a document to the desired font size/object size…it seems to print the way it appears on the screen regardless of how I might set the font size

Sorry for the trouble. If you check Page Setup under the File Menu, what is your scale percentage? If it is at 100%, I’d expect your font sizes and measurements to be exactly as specified in the document in pixels or inches, regardless of the zoom level on screen.

The other place to check is in the Canvas Inspector. What are your settings for the Canvas? If you have “Print canvas on one page” selected, that will shrink the canvas to fit onto one printer page. If that behavior isn’t what you want, uncheck that setting.

If you have Page Setup at 100% and Print canvas on one page off, but are still seeing unexpected printing, please reach out to use using Contact Omni from the Help menu. We are happy to help.