Screenshots of Omnifocus on 11” and 12.9”

I’m contemplating upgrading from 9.7” iPad Pro (1) to one of the latest models. OmniFocus is one of the major apps I use and I must admit I’d love to run it with the left pane and right pane constantly pinned open, but this is cramped on the 9.7.

Is anyone able to share a screen shot of OF 3 on 11” and 12.9” with both panes pinned open to see if the difference between them is enough to justify the 12.9?

Thanks in advance if you can help.

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Hi, here are two screenshots of OmniFocus3 in both orientation modes. First portrait mode

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… and in landscape mode

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Thanks Thomas, is this the 12.9 please?

Yes, you are correct. These screenshots are from a 12.9 inch first gen iPad Pro.

Thank you.

So what are you going to decide?

I went for the 12.9” and I’m loving it in lots of ways. I’ve not bought an Apple Pencil yet, seeing if I can manage without it. I’ve also bought a cheap 30 GBP keyboard case (which I’ve just realised doesn’t have a money Pound sign) and a cheap 15 quid folio case which has magnets and is lightweight.

Still getting used to the large screen, but FaceID is amazingly quick (Can’t wait to see what happens on iPados 13)

And OmniFocus on this screen with both side panes pinned open is so much more usable than on the 9.7” iPad Pro. But I keep expecting the left pane to disappear.

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