Script for setting defer date?

Does anybody know of a script that simply, without any dialogs, sets a new defer date for the selected task(s) to a specified number of days into the future?

Have you checked the Inside Omnifocus repository at Omni’s website?

There will you find links for some of @dbyler 's useful scripts. One of them, called Tomorrow.scpt, does exactly what you want deferring tasks for tomorrow. You can easily change it to more days if you like, by changing the lines where you see the number 86400 (which corresponds to 1 day, in seconds). As 1 day is 24h * 60m * 60s, if you do the math with more hours you will get what you want.

Maybe there is a simpler script, but… that’s what came to mind without much thinking :D
Hope it helps.

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Good tip, @ediventurin. It wouldn’t be too hard to find one you could tweak.

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Here are Dan’s scripts. One of those could likely be altered to do what you want.

Oh, I didn’t know that all that scripting information was available at the Inside Omnifocus part of Omni’s website! I thought that Inside Omnifocus only contained interviews with different types of users. Great information!

Dan Byler’s scripts didn’t look exactly like the script I was looking for. From what I could see, the scripts had dialogs, and they also contained Growl parts which I would prefer not having, even if they might not matter at all. But there was also a very humble link to some Helmut:

Helmut Hauser: Speed deferring Omnifocus tasks

And he on his part linked to a script from C-Command:

C-Command: Defer to Tomorrow

There it was - exactly the script I was looking for! The only thing I had to do was to change a digit in the script to the number of days I would like to have my tasks deferred.

Thanks for showing the way, @ediventurin!

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