Script to Automatically Send Inbox Items to a Project

Is it possible to change where inbox items go?

For example I want them to all go directly to a project, instead of going to the “inbox” perspective. Likewise is there perhaps a script that can do this?

Thank you!

How are you sending items to the Inbox currently? You probably already know that using Quick Entry you can specify project, context, defer and due dates, right?

Just in case – you already know about the options for how to clean up the inbox? There’s a setting that would allow items with a context to be sent to the list of your choice when the inbox gets cleaned up.

Hi! Yes I use quick entry. After the inbox I move all of my items into a project called “To Do List” and process from there. I wouldn’t want to manually add in that project name each time under quick entry…

Hm elaborate?

Basically, if you set Omnifocus to clean up items with a context set, then it will move them to a list called “Miscellaneous.” Cleanup happens either when you hit cmd-K or according to another preference in the Organization section of the prefs.

Unfortunately, as I’ve checked into this further, OF2 does not allow the user to set which project to use to collect items that are cleaned up. (OF1 did.)

Also, I seem to have broken the cleanup function by changing the name of the Miscellaneous list to something else. Changing it back did not restore the ability to clean up items with a context only, nor did restarting OF2. (Cleanup works fine when the preference is set for Project, but not for Context. Have submitted a feedback email to Omni.)

Hope that helps and is not confusing…

Not quite sure what efficiency you are trying to gain if you’d rather not enter project name in the quick entry box. You know that you can just start typing a couple of letters and it filters for you, right?

If the issue is placing the new item into a specific location in an existing project, I understand your question and know of no way other than drag and drop.

What is the benefit of moving items from Inbox to another project that exists just for processing purposes?

i do this too. from the ‘process inbox’ project. all my other projects are visible in the sidebar and i can drag and drop. this is not so in the inbox itself. i like to remind myself of my project/task structure so as to be sure i’m putting items where they should go. i pray constantly that in a future version the project hierarchy + drag and drop will be available and visible from the inbox. i’m aware of the workaround with opening an inbox window, and the text filter in the quick entry and inbox.

works for me, for now.

Right, your request and workaround is discussed in several places on this forum. However, the OP asked for an automatic way, not a visible project structure.