Scripting OmniFocus for both macOS and iOS

What is the best platform to develop scripts that can be used with OF 3 desktop and OF on iOS?

Failing one answer for this question, what is the best way to translate AppleScripts for OF 3 desktop to OF on iOS?

Case in Point: I have an AppleScript that sets/unsets a tag on a tasks and toggles/untoggles its completion state (the AppleScript is Drop/Undrop). I want to translate it to my iOS workflow.

I am willing to invest time in the JavaScript implementation of AppleScript when the reward is a cross-platform script. Alternatively, I am equally curious about the benefits / limitations of doing the translation work from AppleScript on macOS to ShortCuts on iOS.


JXA is not really the same as the Omni Automation through JavaScript that is on the roadmap. I would recommend waiting until that’s at least in beta and then using it to create said automations.


@kcase or @rosemaryjayne Any idea on the timelines for this? We’ve been waiting for quite a while already… even a beta just to play around would be great :-) (and yes, I know it is hard work :-))

Thank you. I will do a “me too” on the post by @Janov to ask whether any timeline is posted for this.


I don’t work for Omni so I can’t even begin to guess at their timelines ;)

Last time I asked, OmniGroup closed my thread rather than reply:

It was done automatically but still rather disappointing.

I don’t necessarily need automation on all my devices. There are times when I’ll do certain work (email, social media) on my computer and I won’t do it on my iPhone.

There are some scripts I’d rather do on my computer that would be a little more difficult to do on my iPhone.

But I am looking forward to Omni Automation for OF3.

The best place to get an idea of what OF3 automation looks like will be to peek at the OmniOutliner automation stuff…

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Some of the work landed on the trunk last week, but it’s not stable yet.

Right now our focus is on subscriptions, which will ship in our next major update—hopefully by the end of this month. Automation is currently expected to be in the major update after that.


Thanks Ken! That is a very positive outlook. Very exciting!

Happy to hear that there is an Omni Automation through JS in the works! Any updates on its development?

Sorry, I should have posted an update here when we started testing back in May!

Here’s a direct link to our Slack workspace:

This work isn’t officially ready for prime time, and we had to put it on hold for the summer (see, but folks have already been exploring what’s there and doing some pretty great things with it. For example, here’s a recent project by Kaitlin Salzke to support cross-project task dependencies:


Hi, I am new to Omni and I have read the updated roadmap. Thanks a lot! :)