Scripting on iOS for OmniPlan?

Just getting started with scripting using Workflow app. OmniFocus has some scripting capability with Workflow.

Any word on when OmniPlan will?

On a related note, any info on if Python scripting for OmniPlan and OmniFocus is possible would be most appreciated. It looks like there are a lot of changes in how scripting is being done of late, per OmniGroup blog posts and Google searches, but I’m having trouble finding the definitive sources for the latest and the greatest.

I was never able to use my iPad for anything except “consumption” until recently, but with the advent of scripting/workflow/IFTTT and iOS “filies” support coming, I’m getting pretty excited.

Still, hoping to be able to write something like Python scipts between iOS apps. Point-and-click programming has limits (Workflow), and I don’t want to pay $200/mo to write IFTTT services.

@bassman123 We are planning to implement JavaScript support in OmniPlan for 3 iOS (and OmniPlan for 3 Mac), but I’m afraid I don’t have a timeline to share as to when we’ll be ready to release the OmniPlan for iOS update with that support! Our team is currently focused on updating our apps to support the new functionality Apple is introducing in iOS 11. When OmniPlan’s JavaScript support is ready to go, we’ll definitely post about it our forums, as well as on our company blog and twitter accounts.

100% awesome! I just wanted to be sure I was “betting on the right horse”; I have both Windoze and iOS software to choose from.

With Apple buying Workflow, and Omni Group embracing automation/scripting, I’m finding my iPad can do more than email and videos! :-)

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