Scripting to simplify Exporting?

Totally new to this but seeing what can be done (esp the nice job UML -> code snippets), I was wondering if I could do a script to automate turning layers on and off based on what type of export I was doing: if it was one page, these layers should be on, if using artboards (multiple pages), these layers should be one. It looks like I can and the code doesn’t look too difficult.

(Oops! Didn’t finish)

Is it just an script file and how do you implement it (or them since I might have one for single and one for multi)? Do you create an image with an attached “Run Script” action?

Document is currently three canvases with multiple layers on each (common layer names for ones that need to be turned on and off).

Here is a script we use for testing which exports in every format and attaches it to an email. Here is that script if you want to repurpose it.

Export to Email.omnijs (1.3 KB)

Thank you!

I don’t think it will be that difficult. Just need to see how to start.

Do you create a ‘button’ or some other object to assign the script?