Scripts for Collapse All and Expand All?

I’d love to have toolbar icons for Expand All and Collapse All. Has anyone written a script for these commands, and if so, could they be dragged into View/Customize Toolbar and then selected to be displayed on the toolbar?

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  1. Use Keyboard Maestro to make a macro.
  2. Make a script to execute your macro.
  3. Put your script in a file. Put the file in the OmniFocus Scripts Folder.
  4. Right-click your toolbar and choose “Customize your OmniFocus toolbar”.
  5. Drag your script to the toolbar.

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Perfect. You’ve actually improved my life. Many thanks!

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Funny you should ask…I just tweaked this earlier today. Also using Keyboard Maestro for the heavy lifting. Also Better Touch Tool, so I trigger the macro by pinching in and out on the trackpad.


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