Scroll Past End in Version 5?

Can someone tell me if OO5 allows you to scroll past the end of the content portion of an outline/document? (I’m stuck running OSX 10.10 so I can’t try it myself.)

“Scroll past end” is a crucial feature to me - I’ve always found it a nuisance to type at the very bottom of the app window.

That along with support for tabs within a single outline/file (ala Excel sheets) are the top two features I’ve been hoping for. Unfortunately it sounds like tabs are a no-go but at least we’ll be able to tab multiple documents in a single app window.

That sounds like something that might be addressed by Typewriter Mode, which is available under the View menu, in the latest OmniOutliner 5 for Mac Test Builds. Please remember that these are test builds, and things are liable to change as we work on it… but feel free to take a look!

I just checked in a recent v5 build. That’s awesome! I hope it makes it way to the iOS version in the future.

Happy to hear you like it! We’ll keep polishing it, so please keep using it… and make sure to report any issues you find to, so we can make it as solid as possible.

As for iOS plans, an email to would definitely help; as Ken noted in his recent blog post, the iOS version will be coming later this year… so now is a very good time to ask!