Search and some other features

Please add search to the web app. Been using it a ton since I started in a new position. Also the ability to turn a task into a project.

There‘s only a search by pressing o on the keyboard. However, it doesn’t search actions.

Quite often I needed to search for actions and had to pick up my iPad or iPhone.

Very frustrating how slow the web app is coming along. I get it. They have a lot of plates spinning… but still.

Makes me look envious at Todoist

I get your point. Before OmniFocus (Things 3), I wasn’t even able to see my next actions on my work machine. At least some progress. Inbox processing seems not really possible.

I am able to process my inbox in my work machine now. Which is very useful.

I really struggle between that and just using my iPad and some of the competitors…

How? Here are some of my issues:

My areas of focus are represented by a folder structure. When I have an action that belongs to a new multi-step outcome I type in the project’s name inside the projects field „A : B : New project“. On iPad that creates the new project in folder A subfolder B. OmniFocus web: „Good idea, let me create a project with exactly that as a project name.“

The other variant is the inbox action already represents the project name. No way to convert that into a project.

Moving a project to a folder? No way.

Multiple browser windows don‘t seem to provide a solution.

I just mean I can assign the tasks to various projects… anything more complex than that doesn’t really work.