Search does not include FOLDER Names

All of my Projects are structured in Nested Folders that span the scope of my whole life.

In OF search if I want to quickly navigate to the folder I’m interested in (i.e. either Cars or BMW), browsing is futile.
Using Search
In OF Mac using the term “Cars” or “cars” does not find the folder.
Likewise OF IOS search does not find the “cars” folder.

So please allow folder names to be included in search results. This is a quick win feature enhancement that would make the app much more useful to me and other OF users.

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On the Mac, the quickest way to navigate to a folder is to use Quick Open (File > Quick Open or ⌘O).

I agree that it would be helpful to be able to search for a folder, especially on iOS which doesn’t have the Quick Open feature. I recommend emailing this request to

In the meantime, consider including key words you’re likely to be searching for within the name of the project.

I hope this helps.

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The Quick Open does work on Mac OF, but it would still be preferable to have this work straight from the what should be a fully global object indexed Search Bar.

I submitted this into that email OF inbox at the same time I made this post. Thanks for your comment. I feel posting will help others know what could be better.

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Yes, folders seem to be a kind of afterthought, not fully integrated into the system. With search, it’s often hard to figure out where in the hierarchy one is, that is, what the parent is.

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Restating the problem : QUICK VIEW Search is not in OF IOS (In v2 which I am using)
i.e. Folder Names are not included in Search Results

Hi caffeineplease,

I’m missing the same and it’s been a couple of times I almost panicked when I didn’t find the folder in its original location just to realize I’ve moved it unintentionally by pressing “proper” shortcut. I just asked for adding the feature via email to support.