Search function in OmniOutliner not working?

I just started working in OmniOutliner and may not be looking in the obvious (?) spot so pardon me if this is a silly questions.

I have created a document with the word “subheader” in it. I then make sure I’ve selected the top level under Sections and perform a search in the toolbar search field for the word “subheader” - and OmniOutliner does absolutely nothing.

What should happen here if there was a match to my query?

Click the magnifying glass icon. Does it work if you select Batch Find rather than Filter?

Yes, that made it MARGINALLY better.

I made a major leap into OmniOutliner about 2 months ago as my main note taking system. Really like it - with this one HUGE exception. The search / filtering tool is really, really crappy. At least its not working for how my brain wants to find things - very sad, it may become the sole reason I abandon this solution. :(

Are you perhaps looking for the actual search feature (Edit > Find > Find or cmd-F) to locate the specific term? The two options available in the toolbar are filtering and Batch Find. Filtering is for showing the rows that contain the search term. Batch Find is for getting a list of rows that contain the term so you can jump around the document to that location.