Search in Omnifocus for iOS is not good

Search in OmniFocus for iPhone is great. It searches inside notes, in contexts etc. Meanwhile, the search of the new Universal App “Omnifocus for iOS” is not as nearly as powerful.

So that is making me worry. Will the universal app eventually replace the iPhone version? Are there any plans to make the search in the universal app as good as the iphone one?

Sorry about this! We certainly didn’t mean to weaken the search feature in the Universal app as compared to the iPhone – you may be encountering a bug.

If you’re able, can you send our support team an email with a concrete example of a search result that the iPhone app finds, but that the Universal app doesn’t? Having these kinds of specific examples really helps us pin down bugs more precisely.

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Hi @tekl
I also noticed some problems on latest release today. I tried to search within my Collaborate perspective (search scope: “Here”), couldn’t find a task.

Clicked on “Remaining” to change the search scope, also not found.
I realised then that the task is not Available.
In the past, that would not be a problem.

Finally, clicked on “Everything”, hoping it would show even Completed tasks, like it used to. But not.
This really seems like a horrible regression.

And I’m sure you can easily reproduce it,

p.s.: I tried on iPhone and iPad, on latest version and beta.

Ok, It seems that the new update of the OmniFocus for iOS has solved the issue!


Indeed. Thanks @tekl and team :D