Search using Omnifocus for the Web?

Am I missing something obvious? In Omnifocus I have a nice bar at top to search all my tasks. I can’t seem to find a search bar in Omnifocus web. Is this feature missing?

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Seems weird, no search. I have the same issue.

They haven’t added it yet, it’s not on the test version either.

I’m quite surprised there is no search function on the web version. This is completely essential! Especially since perspectives are so limited.


Electronic data without search … I hope this is the next action for OFWeb. I was going to pay to help evangelize this for my Windows users… but without search nobody would use it. Even if they had it on their iPad or iPhone…

If you tap the letter O while you’re not editing anything, a quick-open box comes up. It’s a pretty decent way to find something. Not the same as a regular search field, but it seems to drill down pretty fast.

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