Secure Notes App

Just putting it out there that I really wish OmniGroup would put their considerable talents and design chops toward a simple, synced, secure notes app. There are many, but they all come and go. The developers never seem to stick with the project for more than a few years, and no respectable ones have yet to take up the need for an end-to-end encrypted option.

It seems to me that with a little reuse of the sync code from other Omni apps, a Markdown library and a little TLC Omni could have a hit on its hands. I for one would love this!


I would second this.

I’ve used a few different apps over a number of years and never been fully satisfied. I am currently using Notebooks App which has versions for Mac and iOS, and am syncing it with Dropbox so there is no ongoing cost. There is basic password protection.

An Omni notebook would be a fantastic addition to OF for GTDers.

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Amen. I’ve used Voodoopad in the past, and write now I’m trying to finagle Scrivner to my liking.

Ideally though, it would be almost a carbon copy of Omnifocus, but for notes. I hate how I can’t have infinite nesting folders in Evernote and Omnifocus allows me to soooo easily sort things into folders once they appear in my inbox - that’s the main problem with Scrivner, Voodoopad, and Evernote. And for whatever stupid reason, Ulysses doesn’t have a quick entry feature! Why I will never know.

1Password will let you stick notes in it, and you can sync it with either Dropbox or over your LAN.

OS X Keychain includes secure notes.

1Password also syncs via iCloud, if that’s of any value

These are indeed secure, but have you used them? Horrible for simple, quick note-taking. And strangely, nothing out there does it simply in a secure way.

There are many note-taking apps & services, but most are insecure (Simplenote doesn’t even encrypt on their server) or rely on Apple’s CloudKit, which is not an end-to-end encryption method (Apple holds the encryption keys). Since Omni excels at UX and is also developing an e2e sync model for their apps, it seems like a win-win to spin this tech into a new, simple app that everyone can love.