Seeing Project Deadlines Only

Hi All,

I have about a dozen active projects, with a range of tasks (from a dozen to about 40 tasks per project). I would like to the able to create a perspective either in OF1 or on my iPhone where I can see only the deadlines for the projects not the deadlines of (some of) the tasks. Is that possible either in OF 1 or on the iPhone?

Otherwise, when I go to the forecast mode on my iPhone, I see an overwhelmingly long list of tasks and I can’t decide easily which main project I want to give priority for the moment.

Thanks in advance.

Have you tried making a project perspective that sorts by due? If you collapse all of the projects then you have a list of projects ordered by the next upcoming due date.

That perspective won’t sync to the phone, but it may help put the projects in priority order for you. That’s one of the things I do to prioritize my projects.

Hi Lucas,
I just followed your advice. For some reason it’s not working properly: some dates are organized chronologically but some dates are totally out of whack. For instance: in my work folder, and grants subfolder, OF1 created the following list of due dates:
11/15/14 (on hold)
12/16/14 (on hold)
3/1/15 (on hold)

As you can see, this does not make any sense. I am trying to figure out why it’s not organizing the dates properly, and I could think of two reasons, and have no idea how to fix this:

  1. some of these projects are on hold (*)
  2. these projects have different start dates

If I organize the projects by start date, the list is perfect for some folders, not not for others…

Any other suggestions?

I think that problem might be that I have a task that is due soon and that moves the whole project earlier.

So I do not know how to create a perspective where I can see a due date list of the main projects without the interference of the tasks associated with them.

Right; sorry, that is true.

I’m not aware of a way to sort projects by due that ignores the due dates of their tasks.

One thing that might be worth a try is the “where in OF?” script from Rob Trew. I think it might have made lists based on the object data.

Good luck.

Thanks, Lucas. I will try this out.

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Wait!?! Has somebody gotten “Where in OF” to work under OF2? It always crashes for me so I haven’t been able to use it for months.

It works now, please let me know how I can fix my copy. Thanks!