Seeing projects while in Inbox

How can I view the projects while working in the Inbox?

I assume this is possible but I can’t figure out how to do this.

You can open a new “Window” (if you go File -> New Window) and you can have 2 OmniFocus windows open at the same time, one in “Inbox” and one in “Projects”.

In think very soon, OmniFocus will support tabs (like Google Chrome) making it even easier.

Yep, that is how I’m doing it now but it feels a bit clumsy. But thanks for the suggestion.

Yes, cat, certainly clumsy, especially on a small screen already covered by the main Omnifocus window. Let’s hope that @kcase has something in his box for us when he presents The Omni Group’s roadmap for 2017. Till then, you might get some ideas from the 311 (!) posts in another thread discussing the problem. Look near the bottom of the thread and see if the ”Inbox - Processing” solution might help you.

Viewing the Inbox at the same time as Projects?

@jdesrosiers do you know you can stipulate a list to appear instead of the map?

revstu, could you elaborate on what you mean by a list appearing instead of a map?

one thing I’m trying to figure out, coming back to OF after 5 years away:

can i display sub-tasks in outline format (indented/collapsable) like in Omni Outliner?

You mean for this ?

How can I stipulate that?

I’m not sure what “stipulate” means, could you explain a bit more?

@sbell22 assuming we are talking OF2 on iOS then using the ‘nearby’ perspective allows the geo-fenced items to be drawn onscreen in map form. There appears top right a button marked ‘list’ which replaces said map with task list in nearest distance order.

thanks revstu… I read about that but haven’t tried it yet. I believe that’s the one that is useful for geo-mapping context items (e.g. errands).

Seems I accidentally figured out how to show your inbox and all of your folders at the same time. I noticed searching for everything shows your inbox and folders.

This gave me the idea to search for everything, and in the search box enter a single space, since all my projects are more than one word. With one space I’m able to navigate the entire structure just like OF1.

That’s brilliant, awlogan! OF power-user award deserved:)

When i use that (searching with just a single space) i’m getting a screen full of “Done” items intermixed with the results. Any idea how to modify settings so i only get active projects and actions?

Hi @sbell22, I don’t see a whole lot of them, but I also archive older items during my weekly review. I just tested that out as there were a few in there and that seems to clear them out. If that doesn’t work for you then you might be stuck waiting for the official fix.


Hi awl, if you don’t mind me asking what are the steps you utilize to archive your done items during the weekly review?

Hi @sbell22 I just use the standard archive mechanism File > Move old data to archive. This removes it from the DB which helps control the size, but it does make it generally inaccessible. I believe you can go back and open the archive, but I have never done that.


@sbell22 and others interested, simply do like this:

Viewing inbox and projects in one window

I don’t have my Mac available right now to confirm that there isn’t any problem with shown done items, but I think it will work correctly.

@Jan_H, yes, that’s the same process I posted above. I didn’t delete the character as I used a space. The space works to show everything for me because all my projects and actions are longer than one word. Is there a reason you did that, or was it basically the same thing?


@awlogan, sorry for overinforming. Yes, my method was basically the same thing. It even turned out that your method for some reason works with projects and tasks without spaces in their names. In other words: no need to delete the space. A convenient method to use while we’re waiting for The Omni Group to finally fix the problem.

@sbell22, I think the ”Done” items will disappear if you set the search function to search remaining instead of everything.

Thanks @Jan_H, sounds good but I don’t see anywhere in the Preference where i can reconfigure what search returns. Is that an option somewhere else in Omnifocus?? tia

No preference, simply the little arrow in the search field, or the special search command in the menu. OF will then remember that till you choose another.