Select a file to run script in?

Is there any way to open a specific file when using “omnioutliner:///” in ios? I’ve been trying to append Drafts using actions with OmniJS scripts, but unless I have the document already open, the action just stops at the file picker screen - I may as well have just copy/pasted manually.

Also, even when the script is run on an open document and text appended, the appended text doesn’t appear until I navigate the document and click on other rows a few times (no matter how long I wait).

I noticed something similar. It doesn’t occur when the script is run inside OO, though.

It has become quite frustrating not having the added rows visible after running the script from Drafts. And not being able to select a particular file (have to have outline already open) - kind of kills a lot of “automation” usefulness.

If Omni had only incorporated a useful implementation of url schemes to begin with, as the majority of ios apps had done…