Select a portion of image

how can select just a portion of an image, Suppose that I have a face image and I need to select just a mouth of this image, how can i do that properly with omnigraffle 7.10.2 (v195.13 r328142).


You could use the mask to crop the rest.
On a Mac, you could also use the ‘Grab’ utility to select the portion of the image you want.

“Crop” or “Grab utility” does select just a rectangle shape, I need to select what ever shape in my image like a shape of a mouth from face image. can I do that easily ?

As @ScoutsHonor mentioned, the Mask option in the Image Inspector does allow you to crop an image down to a specific section. Here’s a walkthrough of how this works from the OmniGraffle User Manual: Placing Graphics Inside a Shape with the Image Inspector

Masking works by placing an image within a shape, so it’s limited to the types of shapes available using the drawing tools available in OmniGraffle. As a vector drawing app, OmniGraffle doesn’t offer a particularly extensive range of image manipulation tools. If your work requires more sophisticated selection or cropping needs (like Photoshop’s Lasso Tool), your best bet would be to use a dedicated image editor first, before importing those images into OmniGraffle.

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I am finding this works pretty well and saves on file overhead:

  • open desired file in Preview;
  • use the “Rectangular Selection” tool to grab the area you want to put in OG;
  • Copy to clipboard;
  • In OG, paste from clipboard;
  • You can change the shape of the bounding box using “Shape” inspector;
  • If you then use the “Node” tool, you can click and drag most of the shape’s nodes around (there are a few that will resize the graphic instead of just move). You can add more nodes (double click on shape) and move them closer to ‘trim’ the graphic more.