Select Next/Previous Action shortcut?

During my years with OmniFocus I have always had trouble to clean up the Inbox (which tends to get a lot of Actions added to it).

Today I realized why I’m having these problems! ‼️

There is no shortcut to move to the next Action…!
(And I really, really want to use to mouse as little as possible.)

I have designated an Action a Project and Tag(s).
After that I want to move to the next Action in line.
I have to lift my arm, move it to the mouse or trackpad, locate the arrow, click on the next item. – Instead of pressing something like Cmd+Opt+Down arrow

There shurely must be a sthortcut for this, what am I missing?

The down arrow alone will move you to the next task.

Yes, in the Action list. But not when you just have selected a tag.

In the workflow you describe, your down arrow should drop you into your next task’s tag field. This may not be what you want.

If you would rather be at the beginning of your next task, use the Return key twice to commit all of your tags. Now, the down arrow will move you to the beginning of your next task.

Another method is to use Shift-Tab which will reverse the location of your cursor as needed.

There should not be a reason to use the mouse.

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Thanks for your input!
I realize that I haven’t given all information. I am using the Info panel on the right in the main window.
If I set Project and Tag in the Action list itself, it behaves as it should.

However, the main question is still interesting – One should be able to move between Actions with a shortcut.

Try using the keyboard shortcut ⌥2
It should invoke “Go to Outline”.
Then hit the down arrow.

It would be simple enough to create a keyboard maestro macro that would do what is desired.

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Thank you guys. With the help of your input I created a shortcut in KM. 👍

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Thanks for the KM macro!

I might have an alternative that doesn’t require the “If all conditions met execute actions” step. I know it’s used to detect if the “Go to Outline” menu item is enabled.

I can replace this with just the “Select Menu item: View > Go to Outline”. Then I click on the gear icon on the top right of that step and turn off “Failure Aborts Macro” and “Notify on Failure”.

Notice that these two menu items have an “x”. If this step fails, it will not abort the macro and notify you of a failure. This shortcut has eliminated the need for an “if … then” statement.

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