Selecting a project or folder - Upgraded vs. Downgraded Perspectives

In a Downgraded (v2) Perspective, to select a project or folder that is to be focused, you can type the first few letters OR scroll through the list. I’ve always typed – I have way too many items to select one by scrolling.

AFAIK, in an Upgraded Perspective, to use the similar filter rule “Contained within project or folder:” you can only scroll. You can’t type. And it’s in a fairly small box. Am I missing something? Selecting by scrolling is extremely tedious! Is there a different way to select a project or folder? Or is there some procedure other than the “Contained within project or folder” rule that will produce these results?

Right now the only option is the scrolling list. The UI control they’re using to build the rules has a lot of limitations to what they can do with it.

They’ve said they’re going to be working on the rule creation UI to make it more usable in future updates.

To make sure they’re aware that this affects your experience negatively, send them an email so they know where best to direct their attention.


Thanks for the reply. I’ll send that email now.