Selecting All Text

Newbie question. I’m trying to select all text. But when I do a command-a, I keep winding up selecting only the row my cursor’s next to. Workaround is: select a row, or several rows, and then a command-a will select everything.

Is that the only way to do it, or is there a faster way?

Assign the following to a hotkey.

tell front document of application id "OOut"
	«event OTREisal» every «class OOrw»
end tell

Thanks, DrLulz.

Does your nametag mean that if I run this script my computer will be stuck in a mode permanently displaying flying phalluses or some other form of grief?

Fastest for me is Esc then CMD-A. Escape boots me out of edit mode in a row, then I can select all in the standard manner.

N.B. I have the Escape key bound to “Begin or end text editing” in OO Preferences>Keyboard.

A note about TheWart’s suggestion: unless you change the pref he mentions, the default is for escape key to bring up a list of text corrections for the text in the selected line. Which is a maddening default, but I’m glad I can change it, and it’s a more efficient solution for me than resorting to applescripts.