Selecting Styles - I really should know how to do this…

… but I don’t: how do I select a (defined) style (as in the left hand sidebar) so that I can display only those rows which have that style applied to it, please?

I can create, edit and apply styles. But I can’t see how to display only rows with that style.

It has to be simple - doesn’t it. Thanks :-)

OmniOutliner Pro 5.9.1 on macOS 11.6.1

I don’t think you can filter by style. About I can see that can be done is to highlight rows with that style (using Sidbar and Styles).

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Thanks, Richard. No, it doesn’t look like it. Would be useful, wouldn’t it :-)

Most of the time, my style application is by level but I can see where it might be helpful. Did you send to Omni as a possible feature (filter by style)?

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Not yet, Richard; worth it?

Can ask. They are usually pretty open to at least adding feature requests to their “To Do” list. I have done that quite a few times for OG.