Sell me on why OmniOutliner vs Logseq?

I am not a techie guy. So looking for help on which outliner app I should use and why?
I did hear that all information is stored on your computer that iCloud with Logseq.

I’m a heavy OmniOutliner user and have never used Logseq. But just from its description it looks like a very different product. A grab-bag of features for different uses. I need an industrial-strength outliner for all my working notes and storage of zillions of bits of info in an organized way that I have complete control over–that’s where in my opinion OmniOutliner excels.

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There’s no contest.

  • Logseq UI is a disaster.

  • Logseq import of OPML doesn’t work, they’ve known it for months if not longer, and they’re not doing anything about it.

  • Logseq “help/manual/user guide” ( or is it “handbook”?) describes concepts but not how to use the App. You’ll ultimately might find some superficial recipes by using Google. Essential info is disseminated in various postings, blogs, notes, and other documents all over the place, maybe even secret meetings in catacombs. They’re evidently written with Logseq itself and demonstrate what happens when a generation that hasn’t been educated about information at large has been ingesting it by the ton in a chaotic, indiscriminate manner. It also involves neo-techno jargon, which is always so annoying: cloning, which apppeared in the mid-80s in ThinkTank 512 if I remember well, is now called “Transclusion”, and is written about with some quasi-mystical undertones as the discovery of the century made yesterday. (Remnotes, suffering of the same SF hang up calls it “Portals”). Good luck getting your bearings in there. Maybe Logseq makes sense to ADHD people.

  • Logseq outline editing sucks. Outline layout too.

  • I uninstalled Logseq two days ago with Revo Uninstaller Pro, and it detected NINE THOUSAND SOMETHING items Logseq had written in the Windows registry. That is so funny yet somehow distressing.

OmniOutliner is a serious, powerful, and straightforward program.

if you need a mulitplatform outliner -believe me, I’ve tested dozens recently- nothing beats Notecase Pro. A good old reliable like OmniOutliner, with scripting, CLONING, tags, markers (“mark and gather”!), columns, bookmarks, images in notes, in-document note linking, links to notes in external Notecase Pro files, attachments of external files of any format with automatic launch of corresponding app, web hyperlinks, etc. It’s in the same league as OmniOutliner. It’s the one I ended up with after months of searching and testing, because

    I have a whole document about how their argument about calculated columns is no argument and even a rough UI prototype for cloning in OmniOutliner. In a few words: cloning is for text only, implement it and if a row contains calculated or otherwise troublesome items, pop up a “sorry we cant’ clone this note because…” and a grid (also present in “settings”) to checkmark how you want OmniOutliner to to behave in these situations. I could to tidy up my paper if Omni Group wants it.

  2. THERE IS NO WINDOWS version of OMNIOUTLINER, and file conversion and/or OPML as go-between hardly ever works without fiddling, and anyway it strips all kinds of useful features.
    By the way, Notecase Pro is the only program today that imports, edits, and exports OPML decently in Windows. Too bad they don’t have a native OPML mode like OmniOutliner.
    Notecase Pro has versions for “Windows, Macintosh, Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris. Mobile platforms include Android, Raspberry Pi”, and older stuff nobody uses anymore. If only they did IOS too, but I’m thinking of keeping my iPads out of the loop and dump my iPhone for Android again. I always liked it better anyway.

One major extra point for OmniOutliner: it is a true single-pane outliner.

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You surely sold me on OmniOutliner. Can you recommend a dailynote-taking app? Thank you

Drafts — hands down

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What’s wrong with using OmniOutliner for that? One main headline for each day, and sub-headlines for topics and notes? It can be scripted / automated. It shouldn’t be too hard to generate the whole year with one line per day and the date as content. Write your notes one or more level(s) deep in each of these daily headlines.

check out for example Script for adding a daily note - #4 by Mockman - OmniOutliner - The Omni Group User Forums

Or Google it!

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