"Semi-automatic layout" -- when auto-layout is turned on, Is it possible to mix in some objects that are not auto-layout?

Using an auto-layout, but want to decorate the diagram with shapes that are not part of the layout. Is this possible?

There are a couple workarounds for this depending on whether you have OmniGraffle Standard or Pro.

Regardless of the version though the first thing you’ll want to do is add a new layer, which you’ll use for adding the decoration that is separate from the diagram itself.

If using the Standard version of OmniGraffle, you’ll need to disable Auto-Layout (at least temporarily). With it disabled add and position what you’d like on the new layer. Once finished, you’ll want to lock this layer. Now, you can turn Auto-Layout back on if you need to add or modify the diagram further without it changing anything on the other layer.

If using OmniGraffle Pro, you won’t need to disable Auto-Layout. Instead, convert your new layer to a shared layer. Objects on the shared layer won’t be affected by Auto-Layout.

Hope this helps!

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Minor clarification: I’m using Omnigraffle 6.2.5 Pro, and control-clicking in the layer area brought up a menu that included both “New Layer” and “New Shared Layer,” so creating the shared layer was trivially easy. Thanks!!

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