Send Omnifocus action to someone else


From Omnifocus on iPad, it’s possible to send an action to someone else, by email for example.

I don’t find the same feature in Omnifocus 2 on Mac.

I think it’s a key feature to have this sharing option for delegation purpose. For example, in a company where the whole team gets trained in using Omnifocus, it’s important for a manager to be able to create tasks in his app and to send it to his colleagues so that they add it straight to their Omnifocus.

Sure, a multi-user Omnifocus would be even greater, but we understood that Omnifocus is a single-user app and so sending tasks is a basic required feature.

Did I miss something ? Is it possible to do it from the Mac ?

Is it possible to add this feature ?

Thanks a lot for helping !


I have good and bad news for You:

  • the bad: no, there is no option to send tasks to collaborators in the way that You imagine, say, with deferred and due times, since OF is not designed to be a collaboration tool but a personal GTD system. If you’re in need of something like this check out Todoist or Wunderlist- those do great in terms of collaboration and delegation of tasks. Of course, they fall short when it comes to complex organisation and review scheduling.

  • the good: Yes, it is amazingly easy to send simple tasks via email. Just mark all the tasks that You want to send (apply a person-specific context while they are still marked for Your reference?) and paste into an email. The recipient can simply mark all the lines of text (heck, ANY lines of text) and paste into a Project with Focus in the task area. OF will make one task per line an You’ll be all good.

Actually You could even combine the inexpensive Todoist or Wunderlist with OF this way, if You’re really daring !-)

mat_rhein, again you make my day ! Thanks a lot ! :-)

Something I don’t understand : from Omnifocus on iPad, is that not possible to send an action with all the related fields (due date, context, …) ? So if possible from the iPad, why is it not possible from Omnifocus on Mac ? It sounds me just strange that an app on a real computer has less features than an app on a iPad… (usually, it’s the opposite)

Thank you for the tip about copy-paste of individual tasks, it could be useful and I had never done it before. It could do part of the job…

About combining other apps like Todoist or Wunderlist with OF : is there a practical way to do this combination ? How could I exchange infos between those tools ?

Any advice really welcomed !

Thanks again and have a nice day !


Hi Gabe, again, very glad I could be of help. The way to integrate Todoist or wunderlist sadly is the same as You I suggested for email

  • having a context for “outsourced” tasks, maybe even with a corresponding perspective
  • copy/paste into (or from) the other program, again, without the details

One possible explanation to your question about why ipad and not Mac is that the iPad version is all shiny and new compared to the Mac- the Omni magicians simply had more time to implement new Yosemite stuff there… But maybe on mobile there’s another advantage that is beyond our horizon ;-)


Hi mat_rhein, I will give Wunderlist and Todoist a try for the sharing options ! Thank you again for your help !