Send to Inbox doesn't work in Arc Browser

I recently started exploring Arc, a new web browser by The Browser Company, and I’ve encountered a problem with its integration with OF. In Safari and Chrome, when I use the ‘Send to Inbox’ feature, it automatically populates the note field with the URL and accurately captures the title of the current tab. However, in Arc, this feature only copies and pastes the selected text into the quick entry and omits the URL and the tab title.

As a long-time Safari user, this difference in functionality is quite noticeable. Is anyone else experiencing this issue with Arc, or does anyone have a workaround?

Thanks for the help!

I noticed this yesterday too. I haven’t used OmniFocus for a while but I was taking the new version for a spin yesterday to see if it could pull me back and away from Things.

We use ClickUp at work and part or my workflow is to use quick entry to get a link to a task in my task manager from ClickUp. I usually highlight the task name use autofill and it sends the task name and a link back in the note. Tried this in OmniFocus yesterday from Arc and it only grabbed the selected text.

OF operates similarly to ClickUp when used with Safari and Chrome. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with the Arc browser.

Btw, my preference for OF is largely due to its alignment with the GTD methodology.

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