Send WhatsApp from OmniFocus

I would like to be able to send directly from OF3 a WhatsApp message.
Writing in the Note area of OF3 the following -> whatsapp://send/ will open the Whatsapp app and launch the Find screen.
Is there any way to paste a phone number or a text (name)…for example:


Thanks in advance.


This is not an OF feature, but a WhatsApp property.

Please check the WhatsApp support for “URL schemes”:

And their Click to Chat page:

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Hi I am not sure about it, because I have not used it yet but I have red in a article about this FM WhatsApp app has this feature do this but since it is a unauthorized application so I never recommend anyone use such app like this but if still want to check this app then more details you can get here:

I use Cardhop for this with dialogue via Shortcuts. You can download the Shortcut here. If I am on iPhone I use the x-callback to Whatsapp directly, on an iPad I use Cardhop. More about communications via OmniFocus is written here

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Thanks Omega for sharing the info and links with us…it’s very helpful.

It’s very helpful. thanks for sharing the links. 😊

Thanks brother for the links, But I can’t download the shortcuts from your link. I downloaded WhatsApp Mods and It worked for me, Official Application didn’t worked and I don’t know why, If you want to download it from here: I’m not sure that how many peoples facing this issue, but this is for them! Hope it works for all.

Thank you Omega sir it was very helpful for me keep share with us.. did you know today oct 4, 2021 Whatsapp get largest time down in globally.