Sending an OF Email from iPhone Directly to Google Drive

Is there a way to send or forward an email (sometimes with an attachment) from my iPhone to my OF email and have that message be delivered in an Inbox folder in Google Drive or just to Google Drive? In other words, I would like the item to arrive in Google Drive not in the OF Inbox because the item is not actionable but something I need for reference on a project.

If this is not possible with OF, do you know how this could be done? I would not want to use Evernote if possible though I might cave in at some point. I am considering DevonThink on the Go, but I do not think that app is good yet.

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding, but why does OmniFocus need to be involved in this workflow at all? It just sounds like you’re trying to send emails and (possibly) attachments into Google Drive? This can be achieved with an IFTTT recipe

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OF does not have to be involved at all, but it has been working flawlessly which is what I need. It sends the text in full when the message is all text; it sends the whole attachment when there is an attachment. Perfection!

Thanks for suggesting IFTTT recipe! I am checking it out, but for now what I see is that I have to send everything I need to see in Google Drive through my gmail account. That’s not the best case situation for me because it will add a step: I have to forward the email from work to my gmail and then from gmail I have to send it to the IFTTT email. I want to be able to send the text or attachment directly from any email I find it. Would IFTTT do that? I will look, but since I am new to it, I might not see that it provides this option.

You can I think just set up a rule in gmail or any mail system to forward any mail with a certain text string, so just forward mail from work with a “OF” prefix. Google should pick that up and auto forward mail to wherever.

A quick Google search brought up this which may help.