Sending MS Teams message to Omnifocus for follow up

Does anyone know of a method to send MS Teams messages to Omnifocus?

My employer uses O365 and I can send any actionable emails to Omnifocus with my Omnifocus email address for future processing. More rarely, I receiving actionable MS Teams messages and would like, also, to send to Omnifocus.

MS Teams has a lot of application integrations but I don’t see one for Omnifocus. So does anyone have a clever workaround that I could use for this purpose?


I think Teams has a “share to outlook” option for threads
You could share the chat to outlook and email to OF from there?

Thanks @Janov I like that suggestion.

It’s one extra step, but and easy one to implement and it’d be impossible for me to lose the Teams message that way.

…CORRECTION: it’s still only one step. You can email to any email address from Teams, I thought that it was just your own Outlook email address. So—in my case—I can email directly to my OF email address and organise myself from there.

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We also use O365 and go to great lengths to protect our data and I just wondered if the group had a view as to the risk of emailing to OF and whether it might be considered as breaching any general data protection policy?

Using Office 365 in itself would be breaching GDPR Following the CJEU ruling on Schrems v Facebook) Any US incorporated / based cloud service will.

If emailing to omnifocus is a violation would depend on very specific situations, but in general: as a data controller in the EU without (new) SCC’s and additional safeguards in place, yes it would be a violation as well.

If you mean corporate data protection policy I would also say potentially yes, but you might just want to ask your security officers?

“Siri, remind me about this tomorrow at 10” > reminders > OF but does not work with msteams specifically it seems
For manual-only actions, copy message then create command “Siri, send the clipboard to omnifocus”

Else, create a ms teams task, sync todo with reminders, and it should do the trick. This on the plus side can integrate with cortana as well - but either you have both work and life in the same reminders list, or you can’t separate them, afaik.

I use Microsoft flow to get messages from Outlook into Omnifocus. I built a Flow that sends an email to my OmniFocus inbox anytime a message is flagged in Outlook. That way, I can move messages I need to follow up on over to my inbox with a single click, rather than having to manually email them to myself.

Given that Teams is a Microsoft product, you might be able to do something similar, taking advantage of an action in Teams chat that could be used to trigger a Flow. I haven’t played with this so I’m not sure what’s available, but it’s worth a shot.

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