Sending tasks directly to Omnifocus

I use Mind Node for some note taking, it is really simple to create tasks in the program which then appear separately in OF when I export them. Are there any text-based note taking apps which can do the same thing?


I use drafts to do that, works great with an add to Omnifocus action.


I’m sure I’m being a bit thick, but could you explain how you do it please?


There are several ways to do this.

Simplest way;
Use the reminders option to send Tasks to the omnifocus inbox - I set up a simple draft action to send the current note to that reminders list, and delete the draft.

Open drafts - type - swipe - action - done

And of course: you can always use an iOS shortcut action to do the same

For larger tasks / projects I use a similar setup to @rosemaryjayne describes in this excellent blog post:

I have tried these, but everything goes into OF.
If I use MindNode & add tasks to a set of notes, the program identifies the tasks and only sends them to OF.
Will the script do this or can Drafts be set up to do it? Alternatively is there any other note taking app which can identify tasks in a note and send only them to OF?


You might want to check out TaskClone. It’s a web-based service that can extract tasks stored in notes. It supports a number of apps, including Evernote, OneNote, and Google Docs.

It’s likely possible to create a Drafts action that extracts tasks from a Draft and sends them off to OmniFocus. This would probably require some scripting.

OmniOutliner is another option, it was the basis for OF and can be used to keep tasks with checkboxes, related material (notes, images, etc) as well as of course outlining. I have started using it to store repeating checklist type projects which were cluttering OF. It also has drag and drop to OF and the basics edition is a steal.

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