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I just got my first new work iPhone. It’s an iPhone 4 or 4s.

I can’t install OmniFocus 3 on it, which I use on both my personal/work MacBook Air and my personal iPhone for both personal and work related tasks.

I don’t have access to my personal iPhone during the day but I still need to put tasks into OmniFocus as they appear.

How do I go about putting tasks into my OmniFocus database from this aging iPhone?

I know there is a way to mail tasks into the OF database. How do I find out what my email is?

I also know that there is a way for OmniFocus to capture tasks from a designated list in Reminders. How do I got about setting that up? And will it work when I don’t have OmniFocus installed on the iPhone 4/4s?

Thanks 😊

The Reminders Capture feature of OmniFocus is a setting within the OmniFocus application, so it wouldn’t be an available option here if you’re not able to install OmniFocus on that device, sorry.

If you have OmniFocus configured to sync with the Omni Sync Server on your Mac and primary iPhone, you can however use our Omni Sync Server’s Mail Drop feature to set up an email address that you can forward messages to and have them appear in the OmniFocus Inbox on your other devices. You can send emails to that address from the older iPhone, or any other device that can send email. More information and setup instructions can be found on our site here: OmniFocus Mail Drop

I hope this helps!

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I actually did a test on my work iPhone 4s and added items to the OmniFocus Reminders list and they did appear in OmniFocus. I suspect it’s because the OmniFocus Reminders list syncs with iCloud to my iPhone and MacBook Air and gets pulled from there by OmniFocus.

Yes, that’s technically true — if you have a device with Reminders Capture turned on, then any reminders that sync to that device from elsewhere will eventually be captured and added to your OmniFocus database.

However, this capture workflow requires OmniFocus to be launched on that one iPhone where Reminders Capture enabled. If you were to add a task to the Reminders app using your work iPhone or the iCloud web interface, the new item wouldn’t appear in OmniFocus on your Mac, until OmniFocus for iPhone gets opened, captures that reminder, and syncs. In contrast, Mail Drop runs on the server side, so it would appear in your Inbox after the next sync on any device. So that’s one caveat to keep in mind as you examine your capture options.

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thanks for the info! really helpful! I will keep like this with the Reminders capture on. My only email on my work phone is my work email and I don’t want that connected with personal OmniFocus tasks throughout the day 😊

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