Sequential project isn't working as expected [Answered in thread]

I’ve got an issue here. I’ve got a sequential project setup for my weekly review. In OF1 was working fine. In OF2, it looks like I have everything setup correctly, but when I click off the first item, I don’t get the next item. Here are screenshots of my setup. First, here’s the project view for this project with the inspector open:

The entire project is set to a start/defer date of today.

Here’s a view of the first available item in this project:

and that is what shows in my Today perspective. Here is that perspective definition:

and here’s what that perspective looks like right now:

But when I click to check off ‘collect loose papers…’, I don’t get the next task in the project, which is what happened in OF1.

Is this me doing something wrong, or a bug of some kind?

thanks for your help.

It seems to me you have both the project and the tasks set to repeat, meaning: when you check off a task, a new instance of the same task is created and, as the project is configured as sequential, the next task does not become available until this new instance is checked off (which will create a new one), blocking everything else forever.
When you have a project (or group) set to repeat, you don’t need each action to repeat — they will be recreated when the project (or group) is completed.
Also, whenever you have a sequential project (or group) it makes no sense to have any action set to repeat, as it would always create a new one and therefore block everything else coming afterwards.

Hope this helps.


thanks, this was helpful. Took awhile to reply because my first attempts at changing this didn’t work. When I created a project, created all the tasks in the project, grouped them as desired, and THEN set the defer and repeat dates, everything looked like it should work sequentially but it didn’t. I’d click off the first task and not get the second one.

But if I created the project and then before creating any tasks set those behaviors and parameters and THEN created my tasks and task groups, it seems to be working.

One note: when I created groups under a sequential project it made the task groups parallel. Had to manually set that back. Not a big deal, but I’d think a group created under a project should inherit the same parallel/sequential setting as the project itself.

Thanks again for replying.

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I think either groups or projects types are always created according to what you set in your preferences.
If you want them different, maybe worth to submitting a feature request to Omnigroup? — Help>Contact Omni in the app menu ;-)