Sequential projects in Forecast view


I am a little confused about something, maybe somebody could shed some light.

I have a sequential project, with some actions listed. The project itself has a start date, no due date. Start date is today.
In the forecast view, I have “Show deferred” selected.

What is confusing me is that it is showing ALL actions for this project, and not just the next available action, which is what I would have expected?

Or is my expectations flawed?


Edit to add: The iPhone version does the same thing, but it seems to me it should only show the next action. Else it clutters up the list a lot. Any insight would be appreciated.

I believe the current behavior is intended. If I think I only have one thing due today, I might sleep until noon, then do that one thing. Then I’d be horrified to discover that when I complete that thing, another due thing arises, like a hydra.

Forecast is an overview of the day. For the view you want, you could craft a custom perspective grouped by due date and filtered by availability.

Ah, yes. I see.
Thank you for taking time to respond, much appreciated!