Sequential Projects

Hi, I still new to OmniFocus so my question applies generically to OmniFocus and not a specific version.

How do I control the order of sequential actions in a project. I have a project setup as sequential with a number of actions but I would now like to add an action to do before one of the existing actions and I cannot work our how to do this.

Perhaps I am misunderstanding projects or hopefully there is a simple answer. Thank you for your help


Welcome to OmniFocus! After adding a new action to a sequential project, you can drag it up or down to place it in the order that you want, or use the key commands ⌃⌘↑ or ⌃⌘↓ to move an item up or down, respectively. (Those commands are also available from the Organize / Move menu.)

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You can also select an action and press Shift-Return to create an action before it.


@lizard & @tekl, thank you for the prompt replies, will this commands work just as well on my iPad and iPhone?

On the iPhone, you can tap Edit and then use the “traction bars” that appear on the right edge to drag items up or down and reorder them.


Thank you, that has helped me take another step towards getting more organised.

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