Serious bugs with moving and scaling

I’m experiencing a seriously annoying bug since updating to OmniGraffle 7. In one case, when I selected multiple objects and the attempted to scale the entire group slightly larger, a subset of the objects grew at a faster rate than the remaining objects. Making matters worse, this was not un-doable for some unknown reason, making it necessary for me to revert to a previous version of my document in order to recover the lost artwork.

In another case, a similar behavior occurred: I selected multiple objects, and tried to just move them (so, not scaling, just moving). In this case, as I’m moving the objects, a subset of the selected objects moved (again), at a faster rate than the others, spreading them out. In this case the erroneous move operation was undoable, so less destructive.

Both are unacceptable, as scaling and moving collections of things around the canvas is basic functionality for a draw program. Not sure if these two bugs are related, or if the developers are aware of them, or if there is a planned fix in the works?

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Probably good to go straight to Help > Contact Omni with that one – they don’t often read the stuff here.

@jlachoff That does sound strange. We are aware of some edge cases on resizing multiple objects at once, and perhaps that’s what you’re running into. But the moving issue sounds new to me. When you email our Support Humans (, it’d be great if you can include a document that demonstrates the issue.

Thanks - I already sent an email, but have not been contacted back by a human yet. I will prepare sample documents and send them along when I hear back.

Just to close the loop, after a complete exploration with OG, including sending files and screencasts of the problems happening repeatedly and consistently, I’ve been told that for one of my problems, the could not reproduce it, and would I mind installing a beta version to see if they might have (somehow) fixed the bug in the latest version even though they were not trying to. (Hilariously - I wonder how often simply wishing for random improvements actually yields results…) For the other problem, they mentioned that it’s been a known problem for a long time, and they are aware of it and plan to fix it some time in the future.

Everyone is very nice, (I was thanked for MY support - as if being a customer is a role in which one supports the vendor), but neither of these responses is a satisfactory support outcome.

I think there may be a structural issue there – unusually high ratio of support staff to engineering staff.

( Lots of sweetness and ‘writing up’, but harder to get things fixed ).