Set/clear flag shortcut not working

For some reason the Set/Clear Flag keyboard shortcut (Shift-Command-L) is not working. It looks like it’s been removed entirely. I don’t see the shortcut listed under the Edit menu. (I see the option to Set/Clear Flag, but not the keyboard shortcut beside it.)

I’m not sure how I removed it. How can I restore it?

Curious! You might check in your systemwide keyboard shortcut preferences. macOS has the ability to define custom shortcuts per application – it could be that an override there is interfering with the default Flag shortcut.

This Apple support article describes the process of setting a custom keyboard shortcut on El Capitan. (I believe the process is substantially the same for Sierra.) If nothing there looks amiss, you might get in touch with our support team – they’ll be able to dig into this issue with you!

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Doh! I had added Shift-Command-L as a shortcut for “Copy As Link”. I changed it to Shift-Command-K and everything is dandy. Thanks for the help!

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