Set clipboard from OmniJS

I’ve looked through the forums now, but I don’t see it. @SupportHumans is there a way to manipulate the clipboard contents from within an OmniGraffle JavaScript plugin?

We do intend to support pasteboard operations, but those classes haven’t been implemented in OmniGraffle’s library yet. Apologies!

Hi @Brian,

We’re Jan 2020 now, and I’m back tinkering with my plugins. Has this been implemented?

If not, what would it take to get it bumped up the priority list?



My favourite option for releasing some development resource would be to follow the Panic lead on strategic withdrawal from iOS of Omni apps that don’t seem to thrive there, and are hard to charge for.

I’m not quite sure what you mean, @draft8. Can you elaborate further?

At one stage regarding another of the feature requests I’d submitted I think I suggested providing direct investment to fund the development of the feature, but they said they didn’t do this as it would disrupt their release schedule given the size of their development team.

I also realized in retrospect that I should’ve included @SupportHumans in the reply as maybe people have moved around since I’d initially started this thread.

I have several use cases for OG automation on the desktop that I would like to deliver, but I might be forced to lead with other platforms instead of the tool I prefer given the apparent lack of interest in working on some of these things.

Per one of your past suggestions, I couldn’t figure out a way to reliably drive the kinds of automation you mentioned from the command line since that seems to be the most flexible integration approach to ensure loose coupling with other tools we’re developing.

Since this one seems on the surface to be pretty simple to implement, let’s hope it’s an easy thing to add to the next release of OG.

I just mean that my impression is of a company whose resources were pretty acutely stretched by the decision to develop an iOS clone of everything.

(and of course iOS is a platform on which it has proved very hard, for the market in general, to avoid unsustainably low prices).

I can’t speak for others, but personally I have never ended up actually using any of the iOS versions, though I have paid for several. I don’t think that the particular Omni GUI culture of custom widgets (mouse-focused, and quite expensive to produce), really translated very well to the iPad + iPhone medium.

No accident, I think, that the medium has favoured less widgetty (and more cheaply produced) offerings like Drafts etc.

Ah… yeah. Now I see what you mean.

I bought OG1 for the iPad, and tried to use it effectively several times.

At the time, the killer gap for me was lack of anything other than WebDAV support to share diagrams. Some of the other UX was decent enough and gave me some ideas for my own apps down the line, but while I use OG/Mac in cycles where I used it all-day, every day, to maybe at least once every couple of weeks based on what I’m doing, my “killer app” for iOS now that I have a 2018 11" iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil 2 is NotesPlus because I can highlight and write the way I’ve always wanted to (with a few exceptions and annoying bugs).

I’ve tried a bunch of other productivity apps, but so many of them are shades or parts of what I’m ultimately trying to create, I just tend to find them islands of annoyance, and skip them altogether.

In fact, apart from Kindle, Netflix, Disney+, Notes and, extremely occasionally, Excel, NotesPlus and the Pencil is almost all I use on my iPad—at least until I get my own app development act together and get the other half of what I’m tinkering with on the desktop completed… ;)

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