Set Default Magnets for Shape


Whenevr I create a new shape I find myself changing the default magnet arrangement from ‘centre’ to 4 (along each side). Rather than having to do this manually every time, is there a way to set the default magnet layout for all created shapes?


There are multiple ways. One way is to select a graphic that is set up how you like, Control + Click on it and choose Add to Favorites. Now that object style will show up in your style well.

Another way is to Copy Object Style, select everything you want to have those magnets and Paste Object Style.

The last way is to set up a stencil and drag in shapes into your document from the stencil browser that are all set up how you want them.

Yet another way, is to click the shape tool, and before you change anything else or draw a shape, set up what you’d like. That will change the shape tool default style.

Hopefully one of these workflows will be the best solution for you!


Hi Lanette,

The first way sounds like most preferable, but the ‘Add to Favourite Shape Styles’ option is greyed out when I Control + Click the object?

Do you know why that might be?

The other two options are good backups but are too labour-intensive for my purposes!

What do you have selected? If you can post an example document it might help.

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