Set first day of week in iOS

I have Monday set as the first day of the week in my iPad Calendar settings. I can find no such setting in OmniFu. When I tap to pop up a calendar for setting Due or Defer dates, the weeks start on Sunday.

Is there any way to change this?


Interested in this as well. Would like Monday to be the start of the week.

The Region (country) setting in iOS determines the first day of the week and this is applied by all internationalised apps. The iOS Calendar app and some 3rd-party calendar apps have an app-specific setting to choose a different first day of the week, but not OmniFocus. You could send an email to Omni support to suggest this feature.

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I would love to have this option too.

I’ve set the region of my iPad to US because that’s where I live and therefore affects various options besides calendar and date format, mostly which regional search engine it uses to search (e.g., vs. However, I use Monday as the first day of the week and also typically use the date format of yyyy-mm-dd (I grew up outside the US).

Having a regional setting dictate various formats without the ability to make further customisation is limiting.

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It makes sense to have the option for the weekend to be at the week end, even if you’re in the US.
Tweeted to @OmniFocus, will update with the response.

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