Setting Canvas size & scale .. I'm lost!

Ok. Call me what you will but I’m stuck on this basic but important step… Setting the page size, scale, etc… Here are my requirements that I’m looking to achieve :

  1. Printable on a single page
  2. Using 1/4" scale (1/4" = 1’ or vice versa?) – so the resulting drawings can be given to my local building & safety people for plan checks for a remodel.
  3. I want my “room” (a bathroom in this case) which is just a rectangle of about 60" wide by 100" deep in my case to take up most of the page with a little margin here and there on the outside edges…
  4. I want to create lines showing distances and have OG label said lines with proper measurements (e.g. 24" or 2’ 4")

With that said, I set the scale to 1/4" = 1’ and when I create a 6’ line it does not take up but a tiny piece of canvas realestate – which when thinking about it, makes sense. I flipped the scale backwards – 1’=1/4" and that was all wonky too…

What am I missing here. I want to have a horizontal line representing my wall that is 60" and have it take up the majority of the width of the canvas I’ve got but instead its taking up perhaps an inch or two tops… I don’t want a drawing that is so small you need a magnifying glass to look at it… lol

Please clue me in on what the heck I’m missing!

ok… I think I have something workable…

I set things up like this – good or bad I don’t know but it does print on one page… I used the infinite canvas instead of fixed size and selected “print canvas on one page” and set the scale to 1/4" = 1"… So, when I tell OG to provide line lengths they work ok and print OK… Maybe there’s a better way… I don’t know but I can proceed at this point

ok… I spoke too soon… I created my “room” (basically a rectangle) and it won’t print… my printer barfs with an error… I’m open to suggestions — ANY!

Working on a ‘shell’ I can send you…

Is the scale you want 1/4" = 1" or 1’? I think it is the latter (from the first post but it changed in following posts). If it is the latter, that means the bathroom will be 2" wide and 1.25" high. (1/4" = 1’ for 60" x 100" [5’ x 8’4"] space). Are you sure that is correct scale?

Okay, very rough version of what I think you want.

If you want to enforce the scale, then having things set at 1/4" = 1’ won’t really work. It is either to a scale or it fills the page. Does that make sense?Bathroom.graffle (70.7 KB)

Did that example help?

Sorry… I’ve had other things come up and haven’t had the opportunity to try it out. I’ll give it a shot at some point! Thanks for taking the time to look into it.

i m also having problem like this and try this but its not really work. . . . . … any other guide. . . . . .

Not sure what your question is. Can you provide an example or describe where you are having trouble?