Setting colors using HTML color codes?

Is it possible to set colors in Omnigraffle using HTML color codes? Does it differ between the IOS/Mac and standard/pro versions of Omnigraffle? I don’t manage to find an answer in the manuals.

Open the color panel, click the second from left tab (sliders), make sure RGB is selected, paste your hex code into the hex input box bottom right :)

Unfortunately no hex input box bottom right here… Could it be an undocumented Pro feature, or a feature included in recent versions (As I am still using Mac OS 10.9, I can’t use later Omnigraffle versions than 6.0.5)?

Actually had the same issue at work until last week, now have 6.5 luckily

As to your problem - sorry, it is definitely there on this version - are you looking at the colour picker tab with the RGB sliders on it?

Yes, the colour picker tab is the correct one. I probably need a newer version of Omnigraffle then, after having upgraded my Mac OS… Thanks for your answer.

I know I’m a bit late to the party but to get the html colors you need to have clicked the cog and select "8 bit (0-255). See below

A bit late… I had to solve my old problem without the feature. Interesting, though, if I need HTML colors another time. Thank you! I will try it when I have my Mac available.

Check with more…HTML color codes

As I read you want to that we set colours in OmniGraffle using HTML colour codes.
so yes, This is possible you can open the colour panel, and then you select RGB colour version where you paste any colour hex code to choose a colour.
you can also be setting your colour via using " colour 8 bit(0-255)". in mac.
Hope this will help you