Setting default font etc

Recently Omnigraffle decided that all new text needed to be in 7-pt bold-italic Apolline. I haven’t managed to set this to a more generally useful default, say 24-pt regular Palatino. There must be a way to do this, but searching through the previous questions has not provided a solution.

Another thing that has irritated me since I first started using Omnigraffle several versions ago is that it always sets the properties of new objects to Allow connections to other lines; Allow connections to other objects; Allow lines to become labels. I almost never want any of those, and if I forget to set them all to off with every new object it’s a pain in the neck when I want to draw a new line and it gets automatically connected to something else. When creating a new line I generally copy and edit an existing line (with all those options set to off), but surely there must be a better way. How come these sort of preferences can’t be set in Preferences?

Since I upgraded from 7.5 to 7.8.1 another thing has changed in an undesirable way. Previously, using the arrow keys to move an object it moved it one pixel unless the shift key was down, in which case it moved it a larger distance (10 pixels, I think). In 7.8.1 it does exactly the same whether or not the shift key is down. I would like to restore the much more useful behaviour it had in 7.5.

Sorry for the trouble this is causing! Happy to help.

It sounds like something got accidentally saved as a favorite style when it shouldn’t have been. You can remove that favorite style by activating the tool in question, then clicking on the Style Well and control-clicking items you want to remove.

(That section of the manual also has information on how to add ones you prefer, if that’s helpful.)

Some customers make different kinds of documents they want to behave differently as they create them; in order to provide that, OmniGraffle uses a document template system rather than a set of applications preferences that cover all documents.

It sounds like that feature doesn’t help your workflow, though, so I’d recommend checking the General pane of preferences to see which template is being used by default, and then editing that template so it works the way you’d prefer. At that point, new documents you create will be set up the way you like them.

This behavior is controlled by a combination of two settings, both in the Grid section of the Canvas inspector. My guess is that the Minor Grid Steps setting changed, and now the two behaviors are equivalent to each other?