Setting defaults in inspectors

This is driving me nuts. I would like all rectangles I draw to have no corner rounding and top/left aligned text by default. Thess are not my current default styles in the Object and Type Inspectors, and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to change them - preferably for all my future Graffle docs, but my current doc would be a great start. Anyone know how to make this happen? Many thanks in advance!

Hi, have you tried opt+click on the drawing tool? You should then be able to change the default style in the relevant inspectors.

Thanks, that worked! I thought I had tried something similar earlier, but I must have done something wrong (maybe had a shape selected while trying to change global defaults).

Spoke too soon… few days later and the defaults are gone again :(

The only thing I can think of that may have caused this is that I moved the graffle file from my desktop to the cloud (Box for desktop), so maybe wherever the defaults are stored can no longer be found?

I’m having a problem setting text defaults in OmniGraffle Pro 6.1.1 (latest).

I want all text to default to Consolas Regular 9 by default. Always. For ever and ever. For everything (boxes, lines, etc.).

I tried option-clicking the Text icon at the top of my OmniGraffle document, then setting the Inspector values to Consolas Regular 9. Doesn’t stick.

I tried setting the Inspector values first, and then option-clicking the Text icon. Doesn’t stick.

What am I doing wrong? Surely there is a way to set styles for stuff we create going forward.

Please advise, and TIA,

Any ideas?

How can I set the default font in OmniGraffle Pro (Mac) to Consolas 9?

I need it to be Consolas 9 every time I create an object. Forever. And. Ever.


Shapes have their own text properties. (Conceptually, when you click on a Shape using the Text tool, what you’re really doing is beginning editing of the shape’s existing empty text, not creating a new Text object.)

Therefore, you need to inspect the Shape tool and set its default font separately from the Text tool’s.

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Great…how do we do that so every shape going forward uses our default font and size?

I’ll take my answer offline. Happy Friday! :D


I wish you didn’t, because I still can’t figure this out.

I’m really frustrated, you guys could really do a much better job with this. It’s such a simple idea. You work in a document, you begin to change attributes to customize the style.

In omnigraffle, it feels like I am fighting with another designer “NO! Your boxes will be THIS big. What? You want to use Museo Sans? Are you kidding me? No way man, you’re using HOEFLER in every new box, and you’re gonna like it!”

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^^^ sarcasm. ;)

It doesn’t look like this is possible. Not sure the developer thinks this matters.

Haha, yes I agree! Omnigraffle has always baffled me with simple things like this. I’ve used it for years and I can’t believe it hasn’t really gotten any better. No disrespect to the developers, but it feels like the work of a couple of weeks spread over 7 years, especially when you compare it to more recent apps like Sketch.