Setting horizontal space using mouseless editing

When I add a new item in the vertical direction (Option+Command+arrow), OmniGraffle 6 puts the new item in a decent direction above or below the original. But when I go horizontal, OG6 places the new item exactly adjacent to the original. How can I get it to move further away? I thought it was the bottom Canvas setting, but that’s not it.

My apologies for the trouble!

Is this happening in all of your OmniGraffle documents, or just one? I’m not able to reproduce that in any local documents; would you be able to email us with a file that does it?

Which template it used at the beginning I don’t know, but I immediately added the Flow Chart stencil. I had an email (OG #1418374) with support about the fact I had a “FlowChart” and a “Flow Chart” and the two-word chart was newer. I deleted the old one a few days ago.

Today I see a new file with the new Flow Chart stencil does not have this behavior, so maybe it was a part of the old FlowChart? I suppose it does not matter as behavior is okay on new files, but I emailed it anyway in case you want to mess with it (OG #1420643).