Setting Omnigraffle 6.1.3 object opacity

Been using Omnigraffle for years. Where is the opacity control for a box I drew? Been looking everywhere and can’t find. Thanks!

I think it’s done differently now. (I’ve also been using OGP for a few years, but I think how this works has been changed.)

Select the box. In the Inspector panel under Object you’ll see the color selector. Click on the color (that’s the key). Up will pop a color selector chooser (normal one for OSX). At the bottom you’ll see the ability via a slider to change opacity.

My guess is OG changed how this works since it is baked into OS X: so they simply took advantage of that capability.

I’m wondering if I have a software glitch. See here- have selected a box and filled it. There is this gap on the object palette under the fill color selector- Is that where you’d expect to see the slider? Oddly, in addition, when I pick the color “other” in the selector, nothing happens.

Nothing unusual. You need to click on the color bar under the fill area and it will bring up the standard OS X color picker. Notice there is the ability to set opacity in it. See snapshot below.

Sigh. I hate it when a palette I need (color) is hiding off screen. : ) Thanks for helping me solve!

Yes, I know what you mean. I also wish the method for doing opacity remained the same as in the past. But at least I now know how to access it.